Do I need to wash the products before use?

No, All products of Pattra have been pressure-washed, heat sterilized and further UV-sterilized before being packed, so you can use them confidently straight out of the pack.

Are Pattra products really disposable and what do you do with them after use?

Yes, they are disposable and biodegradable! Several customers are so besotted with the pretty palm leaf plates and other products that they prefer washing and using them again! Others have found alternative uses for storing knick-knacks, keys or using them for artwork.

You can compost them (they actually rejuvenate the soil to enhance further plant growth in about two months), use it in your fireplace without any fear of bad fumes or simply use them as fodder for cows.

Do the products hold liquid and react to heat?

Pattra products are leak-proof and hold every kind of liquid namely soup, water curry to name a few without getting soggy. They also insulate well and you can enjoy piping hot food without scalding your hand

Do the products lend an odour to food?

No, Pattra products are 100% odourless and do not change the taste of food or react with the food.

Are Pattra products microwave –friendly and oven-friendly. Can we store food in them and keep in the fridge?

Yes, Pattra products are oven-compliant and can be used for baking up to 45 minutes, up to 350 degrees, provided its 6″ away from a heat source.

They are also microwave-compliant and can be used for reheating up to 2 minutes. They can be very well stored in the fridge as well as the freezer. Besides the heat of the sun does not affect the products.

Do you comply with human rights standards?

We manufacture  our own products and don’t outsource them. So we pay fair wages  and ensure we operate under sound labour conditions with stringent supervision  every single day.

Are Pattra products non-toxic?

Yes they are non-toxic as they are made purely of heat pressed palm leaves and water with no use of dyes, resins, gums, chemicals or lacquers.

How do I order Pattra products?

You can order the product from our “Online Shop” 

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